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Some Tips to Choose LED Screens

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As we all know, outdoor LED displays occupy a dominant display position in the advertising field, so many people will invest in LED displays or directly put them in demand, so what problems should be paid attention to when purchasing LED displays? The followings are for your reference:

1)According to the size:

When the screen is less than 20 square meters, it is advisable to select an outdoor LED display with high definition and great refreshing rate whose pixel pitch ranges from P2.5 to P5; For an LED digital video wall between 20 and 30 square meters, it is recommended to use a full-color LED display between P5-P10; and when The area is between 30-100 square meters and the viewing distance is 10 meters away. It is recommended to use a large LED screen between P10-P16.

2)According to the distance:

As we all know that P is the acronym for “pixel pitch”, and the value after P mainly refers to the distance between the unit LED lamps(a unit LED lamp includes three primary color ), which is called pixel pitch in the LED circle. And the denser the unit pixel pitch, the clearer the banner screen will be. At the same time, the value of the pixel pitch greatly affects the viewing distance. For example, when you choose a P3 totem, the perfect viewing distance is 3 meters away from the screen. In Premteco, we have outdoor advertising LED display suitable for close viewing and distant viewing. OA2 series is made for close viewing, the smallest pixel pitch is P1.9; and OA2 series is designed for distant viewing with P10, P16, P20 (DIP LED lamp).

If the screen is over 100 meters square with the required viewing distance is 30 meters away,  it is recommended to use a display screen of P16 or higher. Because the display screen above P16 is suitable for customers who do not require high definition.

In short, when a LED panel is of large size and the viewing distance is distant, a screen with ordinary pixel pitch is enough, but when you require the LED panel with smaller size and the viewing distance is close, a LED screen with denser dot pixel pitch is a better choice.

Except for screen size, viewing distance, what else should be taken into consideration when choosing an LED display?

To fit well in the different needs of each project, there will be different trade-offs in the selection of movie aspect ratio, LED screen life span, maintenance, installation, etc.

1)4:3 or 16:9 is the International standard for high-definition television. 

As the market demand, Premteco designs 4k LED video wall with 3840*2160 pixel pitch. And the strength to keep 16:9 movie aspect ratio? We can often see that the ratio of a film is changed when it is on. The most popular problem is the window boxing which means an unaligned content with the whole screen presenting an unsatisfied viewing effect. Our 4K led screen works well in viewing effect with 16:9 International standard which could be served as a household film theater.

2)The most effective way of saving costs is to extend the life span of a product. 

In Premteco, we focus on manufacture high quality LED screen. From the selection of raw material and accessories for the LED display, we pick the best quality ones. For LED lamps, we usually use famous brand like Nationstar, Kinglight, and for power supply, we use Meanwell, and for IC, we also use the best IC brand. Further, we have over 200 creative technicians who are dedicated to PCB and cabinet designing. As a result, our LED banners have been selling well in the market for their long service time and good performance.

When it comes to maintenance work, it may be a headache for the customers. A deficit LED video wall will be exactly a disaster. Therefore, when you select a LED manufacturer, the most important is whether they provide good technical guidance and whether there is enough technician for after-sale service. In Premteco, we have designed front and rear maintenance LED displays that are easy to maintain. Especially our front access LED screens, you can maintain it from the front side of the screen with magnetic tool with a second.

Installation is well worth your attention when you choose a LED display.

There are several ways to install LED displays. 

What commonly seen nowadays is Unipole, Double-column, Hanging, Wall embedded, Wall-mounted, Building roof types... And different LED screens require different installation framework.

Unipole and Double-column Installations. These two ways of installations commonly used in outdoor LED displays. The first type requires the screen sizes should be less than 30 sqm. And the second one holds 100 sqm maximum. The above two are the most commonly used in outdoor advertising LED display installations.

Wall Embedded Installation. For this type, it is mostly for the indoor LED screens which require that the wall must be solid concrete. As the LED screen will be embedded inside the wall, so there will be no space in the back for maintenance. Thus, the LED screen must use the front access designed LED Screen.

Wall mount type. For this type, the frame will be fixed on the wall and it is also the most common installation way for both outdoor LED screens and indoor LED screens. Meanwhile, the screen requires lightweight, the total weight of the screen including the weight of the frame can't excess the maximum load-bearing weight of the wall.

Hanging Installation. It is mostly for indoor screens and semi-outdoor screens. For this type, the screen needs to be lightweight, and the design of the LED panel should be able to be hung. When the screen is installed outdoor or even semi-outdoor, it should withstand the wind for the sake of safety consideration.

Building roof type.  For this type of installation, the viewing angle is very important.  So the screen should be facing the main street. Meanwhile, the maximum viewing distance should be also taken into consideration. The maximum viewing distance depends on the screen size. The bigger the screen size is the further the maximum viewing distance. What's more, the building roof sometimes could be very windy. So the welding of the frame must be secured.

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