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Why to Develop Outdoor Small-pitch LED Displays?

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Outdoor small-pitch LED displays usually refers to outdoor LED displays product with a dot pitch below 5 mm. For outdoor LED displays, the dot pitch is usually above 5 mm, such as 8 mm and 10 mm.

Why are small-pitch displays rarely used outdoors?

Generally speaking, the outdoor screen viewing distance is relatively far, such as 8-24 m or 10-30 m. Even if the pixel pitch is large, people will not feel any impact when watching.

Outdoor LED screen

Normally, small-pitch LED displays are used indoors because the indoor viewing distance is short. But, when viewing a screen with a large dot pitch indoors, the "graininess" of the picture becomes very obvious.

Besides, the price of small-pitch LED displays is higher than that of large-pitch LED displays. Considering the cost, when people choose outdoor LED displays, they will give priority to LED displays with larger spacing.

So, does this mean that only LED displays above P5 are used outdoors, while small-pitch LED displays can only be used indoors?

In fact, outdoor small-pitch LED displays also have great market demand.

For outdoor LED displays, its application is very extensive. In pedestrian streets, sidewalks, and shopping malls, we will see a lot of LED screens playing advertisements next to them. Even a lot of display screens are placed in the middle of the square, and people look at the display screens very close.

pedestrian streets LED display

In these scenes, a small-pitch screen is more suitable because it allows passers-by to see the content of the screen clearly. The growing demand for close viewing has prompted LED display manufacturers to actively study outdoor small-pitch displays. At present, the outdoor small-pitch LED display has a breakthrough(1.9 mm), and has been applied. According to market research and feedback, there is a great demand for P2.5 small-pitch LED displays in the market. Therefore, outdoor small-pitch LED displays around P2.5 are the main trend in the future.

To develop outdoor small-pitch LED displays, the following points must be considered.

1. Reducing costs

Currently, the cost of small-pitch displays is relatively high. Most of the small-pitch display screens are used indoors, while you will choose a larger-pitch display screen outdoors, which can reduce costs. Therefore, to make the outdoor small pitch screen become the mainstream, it is necessary to reduce the cost. This requires LED display manufacturers to develop new technologies and combine outdoor characteristics to develop small-pitch LED displays, which are more suitable for outdoor use but the price will not be too high.

2. High protection level (dustproof and waterproof)

The outdoor environment is worse than indoors, and there are more uncertain factors outside, especially weather factors, such as dust, typhoons, storms, and storms. Therefore, the small-pitch LED display needs to have a higher level of protection, and the modules and cabinets must be anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, fire-proof, and so on. At present, aluminum alloy materials are more suitable. Moreover, the aluminum material also has the characteristics of fast heat dissipation and high flatness, which can maintain the stable operation of the LED display in any outdoor environment.

High protection level

3. Energy saving and environmental protection.

Displays used outdoors require a long-term stable operation. It consumes electricity every day, and the price of a small pitch is generally higher than that of a large pitch. Therefore, it is difficult to reduce the price of a small pitch display a lot.

But if the common cathode energy-saving technology is applied to the small-pitch LED display, its energy-saving effect will be greatly improved, so that a large number of electricity bills can be saved every year, thereby indirectly reducing the price for customers.

In addition to energy saving, environmental protection is also an important factor.

Because outdoor small-pitch LED displays will be used closer to people, whether the display cabinet will heat up too high, whether the display is safe during operation, whether there will be noise in the LED display and whether it will be switched due to video Affect people's lives, etc., these will become factors that people need to consider when studying outdoor small-pitch LED displays.

In short, to meet the huge market demand, outdoor small-pitch LED displays will be an inevitable trend in the development of the industry. This is also a huge driving force for LED display manufacturers to develop outdoor small-pitch LED displays.

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