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Why Does LED Cinema Become More and More Popular?

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Why LED Cinema Become More and More Popular?

Did you have an experience like this? When you are watching a movie, or at the climax of the movie, the person in front of you suddenly stands up, or he needs to go out, and then there is a person's shadow moving on the screen all the time, This feeling is really bad, this is an often the case in traditional theaters.

Now we have a method which can completely avoid this situation, that uses a LED display. You can clearly see that the screen is brighter and the sound is more realistic when watching a movie. This is because the resolution of the LED display can reach 4K, which creates the most extreme viewing feeling.

"Awesome! It's incredible!" a fan shouted excitedly after walking out of the theater.

Why do more and more movie fans fall in love with LED cinema?

That is because this screen is really amazing, its brightness can reach 10 times that of a traditional screen! In the past two years, small-pitch LED displays have achieved great success in the high-end conference market. Indoors, especially in movie theaters, small-pitch LED displays to have absolute advantages.

Point-to-point LED display

4K projectors can only achieve high-definition picture quality in the center area of the screen, because the distance from the projector to the center of the screen and the four top corners is different, and there are usually defocus problems at the edges. Therefore, choosing a good seat is a prerequisite to ensure the best results for watching movies. The LED display adopts a point-to-point control method, and the screen can be displayed normally in the center and edge areas, and there will be no missing information or distortion of the screen. This is a problem that the projector has been unable to solve, but it is the advantage of the LED display.

LED screen in cinema

Higher brightness and contrast 

The screen brightness of traditional 2D theaters can reach 50nits, but the brightness of 3D stereoscopic movies is obviously insufficient, which is an important reason for 3D movies to be criticized, and you will feel dizziness and eye pain after a long watching. So many people have a feeling when watching a 3D blockbuster: the screen is too dark to see clearly.

LED display in cinema

However, the peak brightness of the LED movie screen we use can easily reach 500nits, which is equivalent to 10 times that of a standard movie projector, ensuring that every screen can be seen clearly. The LED display is completely free from the problem of insufficient brightness. The LED display factory can ensure that the LED display achieves different brightness by selecting the appropriate LEDs, driver IC, and controller, and designing a reasonable circuit. In the development of small pitch in recent years, the brightness of less than 500cd/m2, the refresh rate of more than 3840Hz, and the emergence of gray scale 16bit technologies have laid the technical foundation for the small pitch to shine in the indoor field.

With this screen, watching 3D movies will completely bid farewell to the dark look and feel, and you can even watch it in a brightly lit environment. The problems such as unrealistic focus and blurry pictures will all disappear. This was unimaginable before.

For theaters, the use of LED screens, the extended application of the venue, saving projection space, and maintenance costs will directly reflect economic value.

In the past, due to the restrictions of projectors, the theater was generally only used for movies. However, with the advent of the "LED theater" era, the function of the theater is quietly undergoing innovation.

Because the LED screen allows users to "turn on the lights to watch movies", in the future, it will be possible to watch blockbuster movies while having a big meal in a movie theater. Parent-child interactions, family gatherings, gaming events, concerts, sports watching and other activities may gradually become the new normal in the studios.

At the same time, as an important symbol of car culture, car theaters began to be welcomed all over the world. Movies have brought more and more strong impacts on our lives. The entertainment form of car theaters is more novel and romantic, and it is a novel way for family and friends to gather. On a clear night, the sky appears to be filled with stars, in front of the LED screen of a movie that is being shown is full of all kinds of cars are neatly parked.

In 1933, Richard M.Holling Shead founded the world's first car theater in New Jersey, USA, which could accommodate 400 cars. This form of watching movies quickly became popular in North America. By the 1950s, there were at most 4000 car theaters in the United States.

LED panel in car theater

This year is undoubtedly a special year, and everyone is shrouded in the shadow of the epidemic. Enclosed spaces such as cinemas and theaters have been closed for a long time. At this time, people are again fascinated by a retro romance-car theater. People don't need to worry about social distancing. In the car, you can experience the happy time with your loved ones and children.

In the car, you can watch the movie comfortably. You don't need to be as cautious as in ordinary theaters, and you can communicate with people around you without any scruples. Even with children, don’t worry about them being noisy.

"Private" and "freedom" are the intuitive feelings of most viewers after experiencing in the car theater. Some couples who came to the car theater for a date watched the film in a private space, feeling more romantic, more atmospheric, and very memorable.

LED panel in car theater

Some people take children and pets to watch movies together. They put food in the trunk. When watching movies, they can share food and wine and chat freely, which has become a weekend choice for many families. This form of watching movies has the warmth and comfort of home and the audio-visual shock of theater.

Generally, car theater venues are set up in relatively open places such as the periphery of the city. The terrain is slightly sloped and can accommodate more cars. Movies generally open after sunset.

Because it uses FM radio, you can bring your own radio to prevent the car battery from draining. Then, you can enjoy surround sound and comfortable viewing space in your own car!

With the gradual development of science and technology, LED screens can be used in outdoor theaters. The smooth, stable, high-brightness, and high refresh rate characteristics of the LED screen can ensure a better viewing experience.

The large-scale entertainment project-open-air car theater was introduced to Zhaoqing, Guangdong, adding a colorful touch to the square culture.

LED video wall in car theater

The LED outdoor full-color P10 display made by our company Premteco is used in car theaters. The P10 outdoor full-color LED screen is one of Premteco's best-selling products. The pixel pitch of this product is 10mm, the pixel density is 10000 dots/square meter, and the visual effect is very good. Our products have always pursued high quality and innovation, and we hope that products can meet customer needs. The LED screen built by Premteco in Zhaoqing has the characteristics of moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-static, and anti-lightning, which can quickly eliminate the problems that customers may encounter during use. The LED display screen was completed in June, and the display effect is outstanding, which has been praised and loved by the general public.

The use of LED displays to display movies is almost a complete subversion of the "projector" mode, and the audience experience has also been refreshed.

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