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Transparent LED Display---New Favorite LED Display Medium

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Nowadays, with the improvement of the economic level, people's personalization and aesthetic requirements are getting higher and higher. With the continuous development of display technology, transparent LED screens are born with the trend and stand out from multitudinous LED display conductions relying on its huge advantages compared with traditional liquid crystal displays in the display screen.

What is a transparent LED screen?

As a device with innovative technology, the transparent LED screen is different from the traditional screen. It can display images without a black background, which amazes the viewer. This creates a completely different appearance for the product and product space, and it’s full of exquisiteness and elegant. And the transparent LED screen structure is also very neat, not as bulky as the traditional screen, the screen box is made of high-grade aluminum, it’s thin and light and all the wires are in the control box, which is also very beautiful.

Transparent LED Display

Why transparent LED screens can stand out in multitudinous LED display conductions ?

As a product using the latest technology, the transparent LED image has many excellent functions, not only its external beauty but also the excellent internal functions. Here are the reasons:

Our transparent LED screen has a transparency up to 73%, and it also has a high brightness, even if it is exposed to direct sunlight, the image can be seen clearly. You can also use the light sensor to manually adjust the brightness to adapt to the bright surrounding environment and help the observer obtain the best image quality.

The components are made of high-grade aluminum and weigh only about 4.3KG per panel, which is very light compared with traditional LED displays. The weight of traditional LED displays can reach 50KG per panel. Our products are very convenient to install and move. The transparent LED screen can be controlled and connected through the on-line system, which can produce different graphics.

Transparent LED Screen

For this product, the transparent body design is also its unique advantage. As a display medium, a transparent display screen can make the display space appear larger and more open. The principle of this effect is like installing a mirror in an elevator, letting light reflect between the glass and the mirror surface, and magnifying the space visually. In addition, the transparent LED display screen can also give people an advanced feeling. The transparent screen makes the “trick” in front of human vision, the effect of the display will be more shocking and more eye-catching than the traditional display.

Transparent LED Display

Since transparent display screens have such outstanding advantages over traditional propaganda media, what occasions are they generally suitable for?

The following recommended applications that can maximize the advantages of transparent screens:

Transparent LED screen in car sales showroom:

In the Motor Sales Center, the transparent LED display can not only be used as a decoration, but also a key that can impress the customer subconsciously. Besides the main factors such as price and car performance, the impressive advertising image is also an important factor that attracts and influences customers to make purchase decisions in the exhibition hall, and the transparent LED display can undertake this task perfectly.

It can leave a deep impression on customers, you can design impressive promotional video images. and you can also display customer’s favorite product types, models, performance introductions, etc., all of which form a perfect advertising mix to bring amazing results to your business.

car sales showroom

A car is the dream and pursuit of every man and even a woman. Everyone wants to own a beautiful car. A man in any state has the right to dream. Once they are looking at such a beautiful product, who will not be moved? And our transparent LED display can help you make your car more beautiful and attractive.

Transparent LED screen in Indoor/Outdoor Commercial Advertising Display:

Commercial advertisements are a form of promoting products or services. In order to achieve the purpose of publicity, in addition to the content displayed should be easy to understand and make people remember the information quickly, the effect of the display should also attract people's attention and leave customers deep impression.

When the transparent LED display screens are used in indoor shopping malls. The unique transparent body itself can be used as an exquisite decoration when the display is suspended. When displaying the shocking vision brought by the transparent LED screen helps your product display become the most  shining star among the shopping center.

Indoor Transparent LED Display

If the transparent LED display screen is used for outdoor commercial advertising, the transparent body will not make it look abrupt with the surrounding buildings, and the high-definition of the screen can quickly capture the vision of passersby. It’s also attracting eyeballs and amazing.

Outdoor Transparent LED Display

Thanks for reading, the above is the introduction of our company's transparent screen products, welcome to find us for understanding and discussion!

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