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The Future Development Direction of Rental LED Display

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Compared with fixed  LED display, the main difference of  rental  LED display is that it needs to be frequently moved, repeatedly disassembled and installed, so the requirements for the product are higher, and the design of the product's shape, structure, and material selection are all have theirs stricter requirements. 

The main differences between  rental  LED displays and fixed LED displays are:

(1) because the fixed  LED displays is installed sequentially, standardization is required in terms of size, installation methods, etc., while the rental of LED displays requires that they can be easily installed, disassembled, and transported repeatedly, so that the staff can do  faster work 、complete the installation or disassembly work in a short time, in this case, rental LED display is aimed to reduce the time and labor cost of customers.

(2) the requirements for the transportation and handling tools of the rental LED display are different from those of the fixed LED display. When choosing the packaging and transportation method of the rental LED display, it is not only required that the size of the loading tool and the display be consistent with the size of the display, but also consider the economy. In addition to the cost, it is also required to take corresponding protective measures for the product, especially in long-distance or transnational transportation, in order to reduce unnecessary maintenance costs, reasonable product transportation protection measures are necessary.

(3) When providing customers with  LED display services, the difference between rental LED display and fixed LED display is that once the fixed display is installed, the display effect will be seen immediate and will not change, while the rental LED display is generally mainly for public events such as sports events or concerts, it is required that the display effect of the rental LED display can fit the scene and be displayed perfectly.

Rental LED Display

Since we have known the difference between the rental LED display and the fixed LED display , what is the future development direction of the LED display product as a kind of rental product?

Here are some views:

First, for small-pitch applications, the pixel pitch requirements for rental LED displays will become more and more sophisticated, and may even replace the 4K effect in the future. With the development of science and technology, the price and cost of small-pitch rental LED displays will increaseand to be more and more rationalized.

Second, color correction will become one of the key parameter indicators, because when doing any concert tour or rental market, color correction can realize the flexible scheduling and application of different products, even for different batches of products, there will not be any the color gap, so the degree of flexible color correction will become one of the most important indicators for customers.

Third, the control system. The rental supplier needs to go to concert tours around the world at any time. If there is any incompatibility or mismatch in the control system, it will be very lengthy for the engineer to do follow-up customer service or on-site service Therefore, the control system is required to better meet the compatibility of different batches of products.

Rental LED Display

So, what can we do under this development trend?

(1) Continuously optimize products. We keen insight into the development trend of rental LED and continuously improved our product research and development level, and continuously optimized our own performance of small-pitch products. For example, our 0R1 Pro has a minimum pitch of 1.9, high-definition picture quality, and a compact body.

(2) There is a big difference in brightness and dominant wavelength between different LED lamps, we use high-quality SMD lamp, and even black lamps, and our company has mastered the LED display calibration technology, which can achieve the full-screen color gamut optimization, high brightness and chromaticity improvement of the LED display, and the high-quality screen is presented to the user.

(3) According to customer needs, we equip customers with video processors for rental LED displays, which can realize functions such as multi-source input and automatic format processing, and have stronger compatibility.

Rental LED Display

Above is the discussion on the future development direction of the rental LED display. 

Regarding the future, we have never slackened, and Premteco has been  going on the road.

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